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As a Direct Mail & Printing company CIT – Consider It There has thought about what we can afford for our Business and what we will do at a later time. Once we found this program called EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail we can now SAVE money on postage & mailing services and that's why we are Sharing the Great News!

EDDM mailings allows you to send postcards, menus or flyers to the right customers. You can use Every Door Direct Mail to announce a sale, opening a new location, offer coupons & more:

  • Seek new customers.
  • Help reach a location without an address list and save that cost.
  • Send out local mailings or national campaigns.
  • Help build more traffic.
  • Potentially increase revenue.
  • Help reduce mail preparation costs.
  • Save money on Postage!

In 2012 USPS came up with this form of Advertising called EDDM. CIT was visited by our USPS Denver Business Support team and they introduced us to the Ins and Outs or better yet ( Do's and Don'ts of EDDM – Every Door Direct Mailings ) also known as Carrier Route mailings.

Right now in 2022 Postage for EDDM (Bulk) mailings runs .182 cents each / compared to Targeted Direct Mail Postage starting at .30 cents each or more.

If you have a Nonprofit approval from the Post Office to mail out at a reduced bulk mail rate then you can save even more by sending as an EDDM mailing. College course catalogs, A newsletter with numerous pages, and don't forget Appeals and Fundraisers that can be sent out to more people because of the Low Postage cost in 2022 of 9 cents each!! By the way, if you haven't applied with USPS for Nonprofit status as a 501C Consider It There has the application we can email you to fill out.

In order to successfully send out an EDDM mailing you will need to keep these requirements in mind and CIT – Consider It There can prepare your Every Door Direct Mailing to be a success!

RULE 1 The Size of the Advertising piece you are sending out has to meet the regulations that USPS has set out. At CIT we can setup and print your Postcards to be the right size for EDDM. Each mail piece must be at least 0.007" thick (approx. 3 sheets of copy paper) and cannot exceed 3.3 ounces. We recommend for your postcard or flyer to be printed on Medium to Thicker cardstock to protect it in the mail stream.

** One of these dimensions needs to be met, Taller than 6 1/8" or Longer than 10 1/2" **

So you can't send the Normal Postcard Sizes like a 4 x 6 or 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 or a 6 x 9 Postcard.

Your Postcard (CAN) be 6 x 11 which is a Normal Larger Postcard! This is great news!

With going with the EDDM Postcards you can (SAFELY) go with these sizes of Postcards listed below to help get the word out to (ANY) City, Zip code and Neighborhood you choose!

** Popular EDDM Postcard sizes **

6 1/4 x 8 1/2, 6 1/2 x 8, 6 x 11, 4 1/4 x 11. If you wanted to send up to a ( 12 x 15 ) Postcard you could!

Other EDDM forms of Advertising are: Flyers – 8 1/2 x 11, A large Brochure or Menu Tri-Folded to 5.66 x 11 or a Newsletter 8 1/2 x 11. Catalogs weighing up to 3.3 oz, Campaign Postcards, or Fund Raising Appeals – Lots of Options for your Advertising dollars! CIT - Consider It There will design, print and mail when you're ready!

RULE 2 An Indicia / Permit needs to be printed on your mailing piece. This tells the USPS what type of mailing is being sent out. No Bulk mail Permit needs to be purchased by you when working with us at CIT. We'll use our permit to send your Every Door Direct Mail advertisements out! Because we have a Marketing mail – Bulk mail permit we can mail at Bulk rates for the EDDM's vs. you sending your own out which costs more postage.

RULE 3 Make the decision whether you want to send to Residents Only or to Both Residents and Businesses in the Postal carrier route you choose. Then your advertising piece must have a Special indicia to let USPS know who your mailing is going out to.

RULE 4 CIT can print up your advertising piece and prepare the EDDM Postcard, Flyer or Menu for delivery to USPS. We prepare the Postal Paperwork and do the counting out in 100's and rubber band the necessary facing slip with the Zip code and Carrier route labeled, while keeping all carrier routes separated and grouped together.

Here's the Postal Website Link to look into the EDDM Map and Carrier Routes available to send to in any City, State or zip code you want to! The program also gives Census data that you can filter by age, income or household size.

Another Benefit of EDDM mailings is the Delivery Timing. The arrival of your mail piece to your New Customers can be anticipated! Delivery in 1 to 2 days after drop off!!.

CIT – Consider It There was established back in 1994 and offers your business a chance to get advertising out without breaking the bank!
Call us today at 970-352-9334 for your Free Estimate for getting your 1st EDDM mailing out to increase your sales.